When I arrived at our previous market at 7 o'clock in the morning I came across many concrete hearts littering the pavement outside St Mary's church hall. I looked over to the the traffic island and saw more hearts there and a funny little man with some balloons in his hand! I thought it must be a coincidence and that we had come across the remnants of a Hen's night at Beanbag or something...

Little did I know that we had been Heartshined!

Two undercover agents had spent two months preparing 100 (!) concrete hearts of varying sizes to scatter on our doorstep. Not sure whether it was an act of love or heart art but we rather liked it and can't wait to see whether they will spam us again.

By the end of the day most of the hearts had been scooped up by passers by to take home and brighten up their lives. Me, I have used them in my veggie garden as stepping stones.

I ♥ them!

It turns out the people responsible, who call themselves Tea and Sympathy are now selling the hearts and will be donating a portion to charity.

Pretty cool, non?

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  1. rock on! i heart tea and sympathy!


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