New trader: La Cartoleria

We were very pleased to welcome La Cartoleria to I heart last month.
Their range of delightful stationary is a must for any occasion or to just brighten up someone's day!


Get your Shloomf on!

We love out new traders Shloomfy! These shloofms look like just the thing to lol around in.

"We are a proudly South African business that is passionate about all things comfy, or as we like to call them "Shloomfy."
Our signature products are designer 'bean' bags filled with a memory foam blend and covered in a range of luxury fabrics for the perfect combination of comfort and style.
We've sourced all our materials locally and all our products are made right here in KZN.

We started our business last year as a family venture run myself Debbie Swart and my daughter Jessica Turner, and have absolutely loved the journey. 
What we love most about what we do is seeing the look on someone's face when they flop into one of our Shloomfys for the first time. They look pretty comfy, but you've seen nothing yet until you've actually been engulfed by one, there's no turning back then. We love making products that are so loved by our customers and are proudly shipping our Shloomfys countrywide almost every week. "


New Trader: Wicked Donuts

Homer Simpson said it the best... 

It's a pleasure to welcome Wicked Donuts to I heart Market this Saturday. 
Wicked Donuts are artificial colorant free, their dough is free from preservatives and shelf life extenders, are chock a block full of custom made jams and jellies. 
They come in some amazing flavour combos including Turkish Delight and Peanut Butter Bomb and also have a gluten free option. 

Try out their special I heart Market addition called I heart surprise. It has a filling of either caramel, chocolate or jelly. 
But you won't know until you bite into it! 


September Sale

September is SALE month at I heart Market.
Bargain bins, end of range rails, slashed prices... you name it.
Come and get your pick.

See you there


New Trader: t.spn

Welcome to the curious world of t.spn – handcrafted confectionery and gifts!
And the story begins… it’s a funny thing how t.spn came about. 
It was born from the idea of wanting to do more and to live my passion. Tired and frustrated of the routine of work, I decided to take a big leap of faith, and set out upon this journey, and t.spn was born. t.spn is made up of most of my passions – food, design, concepts and breaking the “moulds”! t.spn is a confectionery and gift brand that is unique, curiously creative, homemade and handcrafted.
All our products are home made with love. Every product has a twist on a classic, taking our friends to new culinary places with fascinating flavour combinations.
Our ranges consist of gifts and favours for any occasion, event or just as a thoughtful gift. Our offers are constantly changing, so please feel free to contact us for our latest confectionery and gifts innovations!
Our recipes are curiously created, our packaging is uniquely designed and our concepts are as crazy as they come!

What are the ranges?
Our ranges are a little something for everyone.

1. The happy t.spn
This is the gift range.
We have named this range the happy t.spn, because every occasion, whether big or small, leads to happy memories. We would like to help you create those. The gift range contains confectionery and packaging, for any occasion. These are great as favours or just as gifts.
We use interesting and different packaging to create curiosity around your table or table display. We package our foodie favours and gifts in beautifully and customised designed tins, boxes, bags, jars, bell jars, paper bags etc…just about anything that will compliment your style of event. We create dough baked ornaments and tags, that are designed to your wishes and style.

2. The curious t.spn
This is the intriguing flavour range.
The curious t.spn range is our ode to all things experimental. We curiously craft inspired treats, packed with big flavour. Some confectionery is packaged and paired with a particular tea, to compliment each other, creating an inspiring experience.
We are excited about using new flavours like flavoured coffees, teas, fruit, craft beers etc.

3. The fat t.spn
All things sweet.
If you need treats for your kids party, high tea or any other event, we got you covered. This range is packed with “fat”, wholesome goodness, offering your guests more! These can be customised, packaged or not. We do: Cupcakes; Mini cakes; Giant cupcake; Cookies; Madelines; Mini tarts; Cake pops; Whoopies; Cupcake cones; Savoury & Sweet tarts; Cheesecakes; Puddings and just about anything.
Please contact us for more yumminess!
Custom designed Ornaments
We create and design our dough baked ornaments for your favours and gifts. These have a ceramic type texture and are created according to your style and concepts. These are great as finishing touches as well as keepsakes, table tags, hanging ornaments and napkin holders.

Contact details :
Caryn Andrews
082 592 3498


New Trader - Tarte'

tarte' is a french inspired food, health and lifestyle platform and the creative brainchild of Didi [aka @icantarte]. It is for the love of DIY foods and canning that she has taken the opportunity to breath life back into the old aged art of preserving. She makes preserves, jams and conserve. "Our products are all seasonal and artisinally made in the heart of Sunny Durban. The flavour range is continuously changing depending on the season and new vibrant flavours and combination added to product line. It is a journey for the palate to get your hands on one of these #bottlesofjoy."

The current product line includes:
* the perfect marriage between spice and fruit in the : pear and cinnamon compote
sweet, smooth and pungent : apple and lemon jam
the perfect boerewors topping in the: Sweet and Sour red onion Pickle
* a cheese burgers best friend: the Dill and garlic cucumber pickle
* a perfect balance between bitter sweet :the LGO marmalade (lemon, grapefruit and lemon)

C: 0614684613
T: @icantarte
W: icantarte.wordpress.com