our first birthday party!

On the 5th December it will officially be 1 whole year since the market began!

We came from humble beginnings, a scattering of stalls on the pavement to a church that is bursting at it's seams.
So we are having a party and request you to be present in your party frock (or jean pant).

It's a hat party so feel free to strap something to your head...
whatever your heart desires...
think xmas paper hats that come inside crackers,
thinks origami paper hats,
think the cat in the hat...

And i'm sure you are wondering
"what on earth am i to get the market that has everything!?"
Well we have the answer...
We would like you to make us as many origami hearts that you can!
We want different sizes and different colours.
And the person who gives us the most origami hearts will get a very special prize - one of our i heart market shopping bags.

Here is how you do it. You can click on it to enlarge it.

Or you could try this one which has a video too.

They are both fairly easy but do require a little bit of brain power.
A useful tip is to use paper that is only coloured on one side - then it is much easier to follow the instructions.

Fold away...


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