Park life

Hi there everybody,
Thanks to everybody who came on down to the circus market. It was a roaring success. It was really fun to have the market in the park. It made us realize what we have been missing all along by being cooped up in the church hall. Green grass begged to sat on, huge big shady trees called out to be lain under and the swings hung around waiting for someone to take them for a ride. It was sweltering but that's Durban in Feb for you! We had a big old striped peg and pole tent and some clowns from the organisation Clowns Without Boarders who handed out smiles ot all. We had loads of new stallholders too with exciting products on offer. Tea and Sympathy (or was it just Tea) brought their Air Scrabble kit and lots of silliness incured.
Hooray for summer in the park with friends and vibes and fun!

thanks to Lauren Koenig for her pic of the Big Top.

Thanks Neil for hijacking my camera and snapping away!

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