Freshly found pops in to say hello...

I am Denise from

                              and I am this month’s guest blogger!

I have so enjoyed being a part of the i♥market tribe over the past 3 months.

My fear of sitting behind a table with my creative heart-and-soul bared was soon washed away by the positive response of the shoppers and the warm friendly welcome from fellow store holders.

Each market has a huge dose of quality and quirk, colour and vibe.

The coffee, the food and the loads of innovative talent combined make for a great experience.

The i♥market - definitely the place to see and be seen!


  1. hooray for our mascot on saturday! the insect lives on!!!
    thanks for the blog denise! xoxo

  2. Beautiful post! Nice work Denise. YOur are wonderful! x


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