The Handmade Marketplace

The Handmade Marketplace (How to sell your product locally, globally and online) is a really great book that offers advice to small businesses much like those you will find at I heart Market.  It finds the perfect balance between creativity and success.  The topics covered range from marketing basics, your craft community, blogging and even where to sell your products (fairs, markets, shops, online).  Advice like this can take years to learn through personal experience so it is wonderful to have it all summed up in a book.  We can all agree that the crafting within a business is the fun aspect, but the admin, marketing and blogging can sometimes seem daunting and this book makes it all seem clear plus it is pretty to look at too.  Finally a text book for crafty I wish that was something they offered at school.

 Images via Amazon & Decor8.
Amazon offers a great look inside the book so you can read a couple of pages before you buy it.


  1. I think I need that book!

  2. love your blog. i need this book too!
    have a wonderful day
    ♥ hanlie


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