It's a wrap

Ingrid from Wrap for You is bringing back the art of gift wrapping. 
Her company Wrap for You is about providing innovative and creative wrapping concepts for people and companies, who love to present a beautifully wrapped gift!

We thought we would share with you this delightful story she told us of about how she came to find the right design for her logo. 

"Having a table at the I Heart Market is an absolute joy.  Not only has it been a brilliant marketing mechanism for my fledgling company resulting in media opportunities, invitations to events and exposure to my perfect target market, but it's also enabled me to meet all sorts of different people who are so incredibly talented and creative.  Being around people like this once a month is like having a monthly injection of pure energy, enthusiasm and drive.  So when it came to looking for someone to help me design a new logo for my little company, I didn't have to look very far!  I approached Marike du Plessis of Marike Designs and asked her to use her own perceptions of Wrap for You and create some ideas for me to look at for logo options.  As Marike is relatively new to the I Heart Market, my approaching her was two fold.  Firstly, I loved her Greeting Card designs which I thought were quirky and colourful, and secondly, by approaching someone who was seeing Wrap for You for the first time, I hoped to get an uninfluenced perspective of how Wrap for You comes across as a company from my market table display.  Was my message coming across clearly enough?!   Marike sent me 4 different logos to look at and to my delight, it was clear from her designs that my objective for Wrap for You was coming across correctly.  I am delighted with the final logo that I chose.  It jumped out at me right away. We tweaked the bow and the fonts a bit but ultimately, I got just the logo I was looking for."

Go and visit her at her stall at I heart Market this Saturday to see more of her creations. 
She also hosts gift wrapping courses if you want to learn how to do it yourself. 

For more info find her here:

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