At this time of the year, when the urge to frolic on the beach in the sun is less appealing, it can be quite delicious to snuggle up in your bed or on the couch with a cat and get your stitch on.

Whether it's knitting or crochet that is your vice - the wonderfully methodical weaving of wool and needles is therapeutic and satisfying.

I heart market and Spiga Restaurant have banded together again for our #share a square campaign.
We are collecting 12cm knitted or crocheted squares to create beautiful blankets for underprivileged children. We are encouraging all you crocheters and knitters out there to polish up your skills and make us some squares.
And if you would like to learn or would like some solidarity in wool - we are having a Knitting and Wine Session at the Upstairs (above Spiga) on the 26th June. Do join us!

The squares can be delivered to Spiga on the 29th June when we will be having our I heart market Winter Suitcase Showcase in the courtyard at the back.

For some fantastic inspiration for crocheters try Attic24 blog or Crochet with Raymond for step by step instructions. 
Photos from Attic24 blog. 

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