New Trader: Vies Creatives

"'Vies Créatives' is french for Creative Lives which is an expression of what we want for ourselves, our children and others. It’s a family business and piggy backing off each other’s creativity as well as the suggestions of engaged people and customers. We also find that our best creativity is accidental, serendipitous moments. We are very for and committed to local production – all our art and craft work is our own – that said we do leverage off creativity on the web for some of our inspiration. We have only recently started out (end Nov 2013) and we feel our best products, 5 in development, are yet to come. 2014 will be about rounding out our base range while doing the odd off-the-wall bits and pieces. We highly appreciate our customers, friends and facebook supporters. We are excited about our first time at the iHeart Market as almost everyone we speak to suggests this is the best place to be."

Find them here:

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