Meet the Makers: Col'tempo

The father and son team of Col'tempo has taken their passion for the age old art of cured meats and turned it into a thriving business. 
Their products range from Bresaola, a dry cured, spiced and salted beef, a range of different types of salamis, to pancetta, coppa and their latest addition called 'Nduja' which is a delectable jar of salami spread that can be added to your favourite sandwich or as an interesting addition to a pasta sauce. 

Col’tempo salumeria is a family run business based in Durban, South Africa. It all started with a passion for food and the search for a real challenge. Hylton started experimenting with cured meats around 2010 after selling his successful jewelery business. His hobby grew and when his son, Paul returned from living in Italy they decided to test the salami on the public. The response was amazing and they were encouraged to carry on. "Four years on, the business is still growing we have a clear vision to stay proudly local while applying the centuries-old Italian tradition mixed with new technology and innovative processes.Remaining true to our name, everything is made 'Col'tempo' (with time)."

"We make all our cured meats in the traditional Italian way. Which means the salami and the whole meats like coppa are aged/seasoned for anything between 1-3 months or longer  in  a very controlled environment, in fact we go as far as to replicate the seasons found in Italy so that we ensure the product cures properly. We find that most of the local salami that is being sold as “Italian” salami is actually smoked or chemically cured which allows butcheries to skip the aging process and instead of the two months that it takes us, they make it in two days. But we find that the smoke flavour overpowers the delicate flavour of the meat."        

Breakfast the Col'tempo way

Baked Eggs wrapped in Col'tempo Coppa

  • Pre heat the oven to 220 degrees.
  • Coat a muffin tray with olive oil.
  • Place 2 or 3 pieces of coppa on the inside of each tray.
  • Crack an egg into the muffin tray.
  • Place in the oven until the egg white turns opaque and the yolk is still soft. About 10 min. (It will carry on cooking out of the oven)
  • Gently remove the egg cups with a small spatula.
  • Serve with toast soldiers.
  • You can also fancy it up with some grated parmesan and fresh thyme.
  • Enjoy.

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