New Trader - Tarte'

tarte' is a french inspired food, health and lifestyle platform and the creative brainchild of Didi [aka @icantarte]. It is for the love of DIY foods and canning that she has taken the opportunity to breath life back into the old aged art of preserving. She makes preserves, jams and conserve. "Our products are all seasonal and artisinally made in the heart of Sunny Durban. The flavour range is continuously changing depending on the season and new vibrant flavours and combination added to product line. It is a journey for the palate to get your hands on one of these #bottlesofjoy."

The current product line includes:
* the perfect marriage between spice and fruit in the : pear and cinnamon compote
sweet, smooth and pungent : apple and lemon jam
the perfect boerewors topping in the: Sweet and Sour red onion Pickle
* a cheese burgers best friend: the Dill and garlic cucumber pickle
* a perfect balance between bitter sweet :the LGO marmalade (lemon, grapefruit and lemon)

C: 0614684613
T: @icantarte

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