this month's treasures...

Luckyou's delectable felt treats

Koop's koolest christmas tree

Caroline's made some delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices...

and her pestos sold out early

Rose hips and rosehip jelly

chin chin

Yum Yum!

Wushu's rad t shirt design

Paper Doll wowed the masses with her retro finds

Geraldine Fenn from jewellery store Tinsel brought her one of kind pieces from Joburg

Gareth Henderson uniquely packaged t shirts

Miss Molly graced us with her presence bringing some fabulous frocks and bows

Ceramic Christmas decorations from KZN Ceramics

Indie Anne's house shoes made from vintage saris

King B was spinning some of his original tunes for us and his album Making Beats was for sale

Fun was had by all!

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