we heart nadia: our guest blogger for may!


I am Nadia from Cupcake Couture.

Thank you to Anna and Saki for having me on their blog as a guest blogger.


I heart Market is a great passion of mine and I adore it with all my heart and soul. I spent the majority of last year establishing my little label Cupcake Couture as a brand. This year, however I have been shopping, chatting and finding inspiration from the talented stall holders from the other side of the stalls.

My inspiration of late has been to go beyond the products on the tables and looking a little deeper at the people behind them.
I hope you find it as beautiful and inspiring as I do. Haul out your talent, find your inspiration and make May a month for creating. You don't need to be a stallholder to embrace your creative side!
thanks nadia!
to check out nadias blog go to:

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