May Market

Our designer Dominic Strauss doesn't get out of the house much.
He is super busy and actually he is quite happy to stay in his cave with his lady and baby and be left alone with his mind.
And what a great mind it is!
He is truely one of the most creative people i know.
So last month i invited him to the market for inspiration.
(He hadn't been for over a year!)
He said that after 26 different market posters, he wondered if he would lose inspiration and have to call time out...
Well, after perusing the market last month, he said he now has enough inspiration for another 26 posters.
He was impressed and inspired by all our stallholders. 
Here is the result of his market misssion.


  1. i really need to move to durban!!!
    wish cape town had this market as well :(

    vivI.Iviv <3

  2. well, Durban is recruiting fun loving people...
    the warm ocean is calling your name...

  3. Yay for markets in may! :)

  4. Market envy every month when you post about Greyville (Durban) in Cpt rocks, but this sucks :-( sad face

    (love*poster/button heart)


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