5 Things by Congo Rose

Being new kids on the block and only having attended one market we are sure to discover many fantastical things, but at the tip of the iceberg:

1) The enormous talent, creativity and imagination on display shows that Durban can proudly complete with any market countrywide
2) The friendliness and camaraderie of the stall holders means we already feel like we’re part of the family
3) The extremely delicious food stalls means we have to use all our self control not to eat our profits!!!!
4) From a stall holders perspective, the people-watching is awe-inspiring (and we thought the beachfront was good!)
5) Finally, that grass underfoot has got to be some of the finest lawn in Durban. To see people chilling out under the trees after a successful day’s shopping ... ahhh, that’s the life.

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  1. Just love Congo Rose and their unique products! Well done girls!


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