Sweet Saturday

Treats and coffee

The May I Heart Market held last Saturday was a wonderful success! We had such a great time seeing everyone perusing through the stalls and socializing wirh friends and traders.

The day was chilly but the atmosphere was still amazing and we thank all those who stopped by. We all warmed up with coffee from the Coffee Guys and munched on delicious muslie with fresh fruit and yogurt from our new trader Juice up

We also indulged in some homemade crunchies, a favourite in the I Heart Market office and loved by our team. There are always a few stashed in our bag to snack on so here's the recipe. They are oh so delicious and a must for every kitchen. So bake up a storm everyone and fill those jars with these tasty treats that are close to our hearts.
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Image thanks to Pinterest

To make:

250ml cake flour
250ml sugar
500ml oats or muslie
100g margarine
30ml syrup
5ml bycarb
5ml hot water
Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Melt margarine and syrup in a pot.
Mix bycarb with the hot water, then add to the syrup mixture.
Pour the syrup mixture into the dry ingredients and mix well unitl all the dry mixture has been incorporated.
Grease or line a baking tray with foil or wax paper and empty the mixture in.
Tighly pack it in, pressing it down.
Bake for 4-15 minutes. Test if it's ready by pressing gently on the top, if firm, remove from the oven.
Cut into squares, wait 5 minutes then remove from tray onto a cooling rack.
Our secret tip:
Melt some dark chocolate and spread or drizzle it over the top once the crunchies are cool.
Simply delicious. Enjoy.

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