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Coffee Culture
Everyone loves a cup off coffee or tea to get going in the morning or even just to relax during the day. 

Specifically, coffee culture in South Africa has grown substantially in the last few years making more and more taste buds craving the taste of roasted goodness. To meet this demand, cafés have popped up everywhere offering a warm and creative atmosphere for social gatherings and coffee enjoyment. This enjoyment isn't only limited to hot coffee delights though as iced coffee and tea and hot artisanal teas  are also often part of this wonderful parcel.

So where can one go to experience such wonder one may ask? Some of our favourite places are right here in Durban and The Factory Café is one of the cafes at the top of our list.

Housed in the Colombo Tea and Coffee factory building on the Gale street (number 369), this café is one to visit.

The wonderful atmosphere will sweep you off your feet and take you down a friendly and delicious road. The Factory Café also hosts events showcasing the creations of artisits, fashion and furniture designers and musicians. We often pop in there on Saturday morning and durning the week form time to time, it is definityle a place to visit.

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Images thanks to The Factory Café.

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  1. Agree with you fully, Factory Cafe is my top Durban coffee shop too. Have featured them loads of times on my blog :)


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