New trader: SNAPSHOT.

SNAPSHOT. was formed with one simple idea in mind - To create and design new and fresh pieces of clothing. Items of high quality that are unique. The kind of stuff that you don't see everyday. We are based in and operate from South Africa's playground - Durban, through our online store.
"On launch, we will be stocking custom designed t-shirts (everyone loves a good tee) and sunglasses. Through growth, we hope to bring in many more designs and types of clothing. All of our tees are semi-handmade and are made with heart. Our designs aim to cover all interests. When you buy a tee from us, we don't want you to look at it as if you're buying a just another t-shirt, instead we want you to look at it as if you're buying a piece of something special. Something of real quality. Something that you know you can keep with you for life  and that is exactly what we aim to produce when we make our tees - Pure quality. We hope you like what you see, because we aim to please you and therefore we try to keep our prices as low as possible while still giving you extraordinary quality. "

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