Qhuma Pops!

We would like to welcome Qhuma Pops to the market. 
The perfect respite for this Durban summer heat!

Qhuma Pops was born out of one woman's love of putting fresh ingredients into the blender and seeing what emerges. When Stephanie lived in Florida, her children clamoured for the frozen treats on hot days. Stephanie began freezing smoothies to have healthy snacks on hand, often based on the tropical fruits native to Miami. When she moved to the warm climate of Durban, South Africa, she brought the tradition of cool, refreshing and healthy treats with her.  In Durban, Stephanie continues to create these sweet concoctions. Qhuma means pop or explosion in Zulu, and we hope that when you sample one of our pops, you experience a little qhuma of flavours in your mouth.  

Flavours range from the Hluhluwe Pop with pineapple, lemon juice, brown sugar and cayenne pepper to the Durban Pop with mango, nectarine, cinnamon and agave nectar. 

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