My Granny's Pantry - A Kitchen Memoir by Margaret Wasserfell

‘All my life I have enjoyed nothing more than baking a batch of scones or a gorgeous cake. My granny gave me those skills and so I picked up her battered recipe book and started a small baking business.’ – Margaret Wasserfall

Margaret Wasserfell sells her delectable cakes at I heart market every month. In July, she will be selling and signing her latest cookbook, My Granny's Pantry - A Kitchen Memoir.  
Be the first in the country to get your hands on this wonderful cookbook.

This charming memoir-cum-cookbook, written by Margaret Wasserfall, well known as former editor of SA Garden and Home and SA Country Life, tells of the influence of her redoubtable Scottish grandmother as she grew up, not least in teaching her about food and cooking.
By drawing together the food memories of her childhood, cooking with her Scottish granny and making trips into town to shop for food, Margaret reflects on how different life once was. It was a time when a 25 litre paraffin tin of crayfish cost 2 shillings and sixpence. It was a time when the kitchen cupboard held a collection of tins filled with homemade cakes and biscuits and crunchies for the household to snack on.
Margaret also examines, through anecdotes and personal observations from the time, how a family with strong Scottish roots gradually changed their lives and their cooking to become a South African family. In these pages you will find recipes that you remember from your childhood and will also recall a time when the way we ate and the way we marked the passing of our days was completely different from today.
When Margaret retired, she re-invented herself and turned to one of her favourite pastimes – baking. Margaret is now an artisan baker working from home and baking a range of cookies and cakes and supplying a range of select customers. 

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