Suitcase Showcase, not to be missed!

I Heart Market Suitcase Showcase
April, is certainly a month of market magic. I Heart market will be having not just one amazing market, but two, on the 1st and 6th of April. 

We have so many plans up our sleeves and we can't wait to share them.
First on our list the market on the 1st of April. We have got together with Spiga, the famed Durban Restaurant on Florida Road to bring you a wonderful day out for family and friends.

This is a unique market event, I Heart Market on a smaller yet equally special scale. So escape into a world of charm to the beautiful Spiga courtyard space for a fun day out at I Heart Market's Suitcase Showcase.

Inspired by informal, old school junk sales, the exhibiting traders will showcase their products using a smaller display area. This certainly makes for some innovative ideas as traders have to use their imaginations to create displays that define the principles of this space. This market not only has its usual impressive crafts, fashionable items and artistic expressions but other activities too. There is a 'Lil Spiga Masterchef' area for kids to make their own fun pizzas and a do-it-yourself craft area. So bring your friends and family and pop in for a day of fun and delicious Spiga treats.

Have a look at some of the wonderful displays we found, just a few ideas to excite and inspire.

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  1. Thank You for explaining was really puzzeled what is a suitcase showcase hope I'll make it through sounds exciting an fun.


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