New Trader: Noush

We are so very excited to welcome Noush to i heart market!

Manoushka Kraal of Noush hails from Amsterdam originally. Luckily for us, she fell madly in love with a South African man and since then has been based in Durban, developing products with traditional African materials while adding modern and fun details. 

"The last two years I have worked as a product designer for a NGO called Africa!Ignite. I developed several successful products during this time, one of them being the 'Langazela' cushion covers. The front panel of the cushions is made out of recycled cornsacks that are embroidered with wool. It was amazing to discover that the sacks create the perfect grid for embroidery."

"I still work with the same crafters as before - almost all of them are based in deep rural KwaZulu-Natal... 
I still use the same technique of embroidering but decided to explore other materials as well. My big new love is "the Tartan bag!" I use it in all sorts of different ways... As lampshade, trims on cushion covers or as a bag with a make-over!"

Noush has a stylish fun sense of design and a sharp eye for taking everyday African products and turning them into gorgeous pieces. 
Look out for Noush at I heart market this Saturday! 

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